Slavery in Israel: Such Things Should Not Be

woman “Natasha* was 21 when she was smuggled across the Egyptian  border into Israel, after being told she would have a job caring for  the elderly. This seemed a great offer compared to opportunities  offered in her homeland, Belarus. Once in Israel, she was taken to a  brothel in Tel Aviv, and forced to work as a prostitute for four  years. She worked sixteen hours a day, every day, with no  vacation. She got sick with hepatitis C, and ran away with one of her customers, who claimed he would take care of her. Natasha was abused by him both mentally and physically. She stayed with him for a while and has a daughter from him, who is an Israeli citizen. A few years ago, she left him and began raising her child on her own.Her daughter is Israeli, knows no other land, and doesn’t want to go anywhere else.  Natasha and her daughter  live in a shelter for battered women.  Natasha  is working hard at a cleaning job, even though she constantly feels ill, and has no medical insurance to provide her with relief.

Natasha’s ex-partner will not associate with the child, and she had to fight in court for him to acknowledge his relation to her daughter. She does not want to return to Belarus because she has no chance of receiving healthcare there, and may very well die of her sickness. She has no one to go back home to.

There is a possibility that she will be put in an experimental program in a hospital in Tel Aviv.    Together with others in Israel, we are assisting Natasha, her daughter,  and others like them  in Israel so that they have  a safe place to live, a place to detox if necessary, and a  place to heal.

Those trafficked for the sex industry are physically and psychologically abused, often become dependent on highly addictive substances, are transferred from one [abuser] to another, locked into brothels, raped, denied contraceptives and otherwise sexually exploited. In all respects these women are no longer considered human beings, but are treated as economic goods, as objects.

No one should exist under conditions of slavery and sexual exploitation, yet this is the only reality for thousands of people in Israel today. It is an atrocity that must be addressed NOW.   Together with your support we can tangibly reduce human trafficking in Israel and provide a voice for those without a voice.”

Thank you for partnering with us and others in Israel, working together to bless Israel and her people.

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