Summer 2013 Update

“Defeating human trafficking is a great moral calling, and we will never subjugate it to the narrow demands of the day.”
~Condoleezza Rice

Quarters for Quarters, also known as Ezrah L’Israel (Help for Israel), is a ministry to help women who are escaping and recovering from the atrocities of human trafficking – a serious problem in Israel. We give our “quarters” (or checks are welcome, too) to provide “quarters” for women needing a safe place to recover. Funds from this ministry help provide these women with a place to live off the streets and Words of Life to heal their spirits. Donations to this ministry since it began in Houston in August 2009 are being used by to give hope and safety to those who have been trafficked. 100% of the money given to Quarters for Quarters is sent to JIJ to help the women who are escaping and recovering. Lives are being transformed as you pray and give.

Advocating for Justice in Israel

From the JIJ website: “The trafficking of men, women, and minors for forced labor and prostitution is an alarming phenomenon that has ravaged the State of Israel. Urban centers such as Tel Aviv and Haifa have served as destinations for these victims, absorbing thousands from nations with devastated economies and staggering unemployment rates. Searching for means of survival, many are trafficked from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Belarus, China, and the Philippines.

In recent years, a decrease in international trafficking into Israel has only been met by an alarming increase in the number of Israeli victims (particularly women) sexually exploited within its own borders – a crisis observed, yet often neglected by law enforcement and the government. Countless cases testify that victims are physically or psychologically coerced into this form of modern-day slavery. An estimated 80% of prostitutes are victims of human trafficking. The industry’s clientele is comprised of religious and non-religious men as young as 11 years of age up to the elderly. Reports suggest that the industry annually generates a total of one billion dollars with an average of one million visits to brothels per month.

Project NOA (Not Objects Anymore), initiated and managed by Jerusalem Institute of Justice (JIJ), combats this phenomenon and provides assistance to victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation through legal representation, legislation, and education. While providing legal services for individual human trafficking victims, JIJ also works on a national level by lobbying in the Knesset and drafting legislation to heighten legal restrictions of the local prostitution industry. Partnering with other advocacy organizations such as Isha L’Isha and Freedom Foundation, JIJ provides education, support services, and financial assistance to victims and their children.”

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