Help for Israel is working with “Freedom Foundation and Freedom Fund”

Help For IsraelHelp for Israel (“Quarters for Quarters”) is working with Freedom Foundation and Freedom Fund in Israel to provide various forms of assistance to women escaping from human trafficking and prostitution.  We specifically are using the gifts you send to provide safe shelters in Israel, rehabilitation help, and some legal counsel at times to women who need help and a safe place away from the abuse they have endured as they walk away into a new life away from trafficking.

“A” (our Israeli contact) recently sent the following information.

Since 2009, Freedom Fund has offered free legal aid for trafficked women in shelters and continue to advocate for those who have few rights as victims. They specialize in researching and locating fruitful projects and organizations and partner to fund and promote their anti-trafficking activities.

There are those who assist women and their children as they leave prison or shelters and start a new life while others go into the dark places to offer hope. We know of several new Israeli shelters to begin in 2014 and we plan to help support their work. Over the last few years we assisted in joint projects with JIJ to create media projects and events that educate the Israeli society and leaders, and called for new laws, enforcement and funding for rehabilitation.

SEX TRAFFICKING FACTS (from Freedom Foundation):

  • 15,000 foreign women plus thousands (an unknown number) of local Israeli women and children are currently prostituted within Israel
  • An estimated 35,000 teens are homeless with at least 1000 youth runaways regularly prostituted/trafficked
  • 1 million transactions for sex services per month in Israel (in a population of 3 million men)
  • $680 million a year is made in sex industry/prostitution alone, primarily by organized crime
  • The average age of those entering prostitution in Israel is 13-14 years.
  • “Customers” are approximately 25% religious Jewish Orthodox/ 25% Arab/ 25% foreign workers/10% general population / 15% tourists
  • Trafficking is no longer fueled by new foreign women but has shifted now to a local domestic youth crisis.
  • 90% of all sex workers have suffered childhood sexual abuse
  • Recent surveys report age of entry into prostitution is as low as 11 years old
  • 17% of Israeli children/teens report being sexually abused repeatedly [over 400,000 children] in 2013.
  • 86% of Israeli youth report viewing porn regularly! The set up is in place for the next generation to be groomed for a life of prostitution, addiction and victimization.
  • President Shimon Peres just stated, “Child abuse is the worse possible sin. We cannot accept that every fourth child in Israel has suffered sexual abuse.”

“AT RISK” CHILDREN FACTS (future sex trafficking victims– according to Ynet article– see Links)

  • HALF OF ALL Israeli children report being victims of sexual and physical abuse (1.2 million children) in new 2013 study
  • The National Council of Children estimates that some 462,000 children (17.6% of all children) have experienced sexual abuse. Right now 96,000 teens ages 12-17 report systematic sexual abuse.
  • 150,000 children and teens are living in temporary institutions waiting for foster families
  • Only 2,200 licensed foster families exist – helping only 2% of the children who are waiting

Please watch the Anti-trafficking video co-produced by “A” in Israel and shown at the Knesset and Hebrew University in 2012/2013 for a better understanding.
Thank you for your heart to pray, care, and give to benefit  women and children  in Israel who long for Tikkun Olam– the restoration of the world and of their own lives.

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