How We Got Started

Help fund living quarters for Israeli women escaping from prostitution, drug addiction, and homelessness.

Help fund living quarters for Israeli women escaping from prostitution, drug addiction, and homelessness.   Graphic credit:  Help for Israel.  All Rights Reserved. 

How we got started:

“I was watching a television show about a major ministry and its efforts to help people in need throughout the world.  The announcer showed pictures of people in India, Africa, and China who were being helped.  I began to wonder, “What about Israel?  Who is helping the hurting people there?”

I ended up calling the synagogue of some friends in Israel and asked, “Who works with the destitute and forgotten people in Israel?”

The secretary told me about a woman we will call “L” who has a wonderful outreach helping women who have been caught in the snare of prostitution, human trafficking, and drug addiction in Israel.  “L” helps these women by ministering to their needs, especially the need to have a safe place to live where they can recover and rehabilitate from the prostitution, drug abuse, and homelessness they are experiencing.  She also made a special presentation to the Knesset outlining the problems she has discovered in her work with women in prostitution.  “L” has been described as “a champion of the downtrodden and a woman with a passion for justice and a heart for those in need.”  During this first phase of our ministry, partnership with “L” allowed us to help many women get the shelter, counseling,  and  help they needed as they were escaping from human trafficking.

Continuing to phase two:

In this, our second phase of “Help for Israel,” [Spring 3014]  we have expanded the ministry by partnering with “A”, an amazing woman who works tirelessly in Israel to “bring hope to Israel’s hopeless” through her Freedom Foundation and the Freedom Fund.  The funds we raise in our “Quarters for Quarters” collections are used to help “A” purchase “shelter for women who want to leave streets for safety and rehab.”

Besides being offered shelter and basic humanitarian aid, these women are also offered legal help to assist in matters such as helping them to secure the documents needed to become gainfully employed in the Israeli workplace.

As “A” describes it, “Since 2009, Freedom Fund has offered free legal aid for trafficked women in shelters and continues to advocate for those who have few rights as victims.  We specialize in researching and locating fruitful projects and organizations and partner to fund and promote their anti-trafficking activities.”

Thank you for standing with us as we bring “hope to Israel’s hopeless.”

“…to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners”

Yeshayahu – Isaiah 61

Blessings and Love,